The Great Wall of Honesdale


Art for The Great Wall of Honesdale is not limited to two-dimensional art. Any original art that can be converted to a two-dimensional digital representation is able to be selected for the installation.

Upon selection, artists are provided additional detail regarding file size, pixilation requirements and submission deadlines for their art submission, which is reproduced on vinyl panels which are approximately 11 feet high by 17 feet wide. The panels are produced with rod pockets on four sides.

On the day of installation, a team of individuals unfold and stage the panels on the ground in the intended order of installation. Rods are inserted into the four pockets on each panel.

A mechanical lift is used to remove the prior year’s panel, exchanging it for the new panel which is lifted up to a set of brackets which are permanently installed on the display wall. Once loosely mounted on the brackets, bolts on each bracket are tightened one-by-one to eliminate any sagging by the vinyl material and to ensure a clean, tight fit which will stay in place for one year’s time.

In the beginning, the panels were all mounted using ladders.