The Great Wall of Honesdale


From writer and frequent visitor, Washington Irving (“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”), to native lyricist, Richard B Smith (“Winter Wonderland”), to local painter, Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (Love’s Young Dream), art has thrived in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Northeastern Pennsylvania has always been a map dotted with the homes and studios of creatives amongst the mountains and lakes of the area. Art is a part of the local culture.

The Great Wall of Honesdale came into being when local artist, Paul L Ludick, had the idea to create an annual installation that would be a public celebration of art, open to all artists of any medium that could be represented in a two-dimensional format. The annual installation, located at the intersection of Main and 4th Streets in Honesdale, Pennsylvania began in 2016.

Now in its ninth year, The Great Wall of Honesdale has grown from a display of primarily local art to a juried installation, displaying art which potentially includes entrants from all over the world. The project is not only for the enjoyment of the occupants of 5+ millions cars that pass by annually, but is now a tourist destination which draws visitors to the area. Both the theme and the installation change annually. Each year’s art also has a perpetual, virtual presence on the Wayne County Arts Alliance website, with information about each of the exhibiting artists.

Those involved with The Great Wall of Honesdale today are forever indebted to our “Framers,” the organizations and individuals each of whom made an initial, generous donation of $1,100 to set up the mounting apparatus used for each year’s installation:

Four Anonymous Donors

The annual fabrication, installation, and maintenance of The Great Wall of Honesdale require ongoing support to be successful. A special thank you is extended to the partners who make each year’s installation a success:

Owner of The Wall installation site

Panel installation & oversight

Site neighbor & arts partner

The team managing The Great Wall of Honesdale is always looking for additional support in its quest to find and promote new and exciting artists and their art. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the donor family.

Become a PANEL SPONSOR for $500, a WALL PATRON for $250, a PROJECT DONOR for $50, or support in another amount of your choosing.