The Great Wall of Honesdale

The Great Wall of Honesdale is a public art project produced by the WCAA. Located at the intersection of 4th St and Main St in Honesdale, PA 18431. The pieces you see on The Great Wall are enlarged photographic reproductions of original art.

Our 2021 Great Wall Artists are:
1. Johnny Robinson
2. Lou Patrou
3. Janet Gaglione
4. Robert Stark
5. Amanda Miehle
6. Edna Gonzalez-Rothenberg
7. Mark Partridge
8. Mazine Davidowitz
9. Mark Ciocca
10. Lauren Kuhn
11. ///V
12. Lauren Floden

For more information about each artist and sponsorship opportunities please visit our beautiful website

The 2022 Edition of The Great Wall of Honesdale will be installed at the end of May 2022 – watch for exciting new artwork!

Become a PATRON of The Great Wall of Honesdale. $250 to assist with the fabrication and installation of the Great Wall's new artwork.

photos by Gina Lenz, David Soete, Janet Gaglione