Laura Lippay – Newfoundland, PA

Curiouser & Curiouser
Newfoundland, PA
digital painting
11″ x 17″

In a boat on the River Thames in July of 1862, Lewis Carroll entertained Alice Liddell and her sisters with a tale of Alice falling into a rabbit hole and embarking on a fantastical journey. “”Alice’s Adventures Under Ground”” was penned shortly afterward, later to become the Alice In Wonderland we know today.

The foreground of my artwork is an oil painting of a stoic Alice (her typical demeanor) from an 1860 photograph that Carroll snapped of her, digitally mixed with the background of another oil painting of the White Rabbit in a magical wonderland. The original paintings were born out of a deep introspective on the 2020 upside-down world we found ourselves in, and on shifting messaging in my artwork from more dark and troubled to more purposeful, inspirational, strong-minded and positive. This represents a creative adventure in my own journey as an artist that continues to evolve today.