Laura Lippay – Newfoundland, PA


Curiouser & Curiouser Newfoundland, PA digital painting 11" x 17" In a boat on the River Thames in July of 1862, Lewis Carroll entertained Alice Liddell and her sisters with a tale of Alice falling into a rabbit hole and embarking on a fantastical journey. ""Alice's Adventures Under Ground"" was penned shortly afterward, later to become the Alice

Hilary Houston Bachelder – Princeton, NJ


Underwater Rising Hilary Houston Bachelder Princeton, NJ digital photomontage 11" x 17" "Underwater Rising" is a photomontage that envisions my late father's journey back from the hereafter. We both loved the sea and when he passed away, I felt the need for mourning rituals but had none. I waded into the ocean to photograph the movement of the

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