Swinging into the Wayne County Fair by Victoria Sanok

Victoria Sanok

Hello! I’m Vicki Sanok and I am a photographer. I was born and raised in Sullivan County, NY. Growing up I was always interested in cameras and taking photos. After taking a class in black and white film in high school, I was completely hooked! That passion has grown from a hobby to how I make my living, where I capture memories for others and share my work on social media.

“Swinging Into the Wayne County Fair”

Since moving to Honesdale in 2016 with my husband, our cat and dog, we have enjoyed exploring and learning about our wonderful community and photography has helped me do just that! One of our favorite pastimes is to go hiking on our local trails in Wayne County. Anyone hiking with me must be patient as I have been known to stop to capture pictures of frogs, mushrooms, fiddleheads or anything that catches my eye. One of the most eye-catching places to capture bright and colorful images is the Wayne County Fair. The sparkling lights, laughter and rides make for the most whimsical photos. I hope my photo makes you smile as you recall your visits to the Fair

“Swinging Into the Wayne County Fair”