Lucky Earth by Thomas Colbert

Thomas Colbert

I was born, raised, and educated in Iowa (BS 1973, MA 1978, MFA 1979 from the University of Iowa).  I have lived in NYC for 45 years and also in Pennsylvania for 28 years.  I have painted since I was eleven.  Light, color and the brush are the drivers of my art.

“Lucky Earth”

I have always been drawn to landscapes and the ability to kind of run around in them with a brush and your imagination.  There is so much talk about branding and tattoos that I saw the giant clover leaf as a kind of earth branding by our culture.  The implications of what the clover leaf actually means in the world, its diminutive size in the scope of the earth, and how it plays into the progress of man are all contained in this abstracted symbol of luck as seen from above.


“Lucky Earth”

oil on linen