After Forever by Rip Bodman

Rip Bodman

Rip never describes himself as an artist, instead he always says he’s a silk-screen artist. Silk-screening has been Rip’s primary artistic medium of expression for decades. He has an amazing ability to work in blends of color and create the most beautiful fly away skies. Rip graduated with a BFA in printmaking in 1967, and shortly after that was drafted and sent to Vietnam. He had a very tough tour of duty and upon returning home was really struggling to fit back into life again.  His mother had been an art teacher in New Jersey, and she really encouraged him to start creating art again to help him heal.  Rip was a hippy when he left for Vietnam and even more so when he returned home.  He started silk-screening large posters sharing his beliefs about ending all wars and protecting the environment, and would sell them at head shops and at street fairs throughout the NE.

From there his whole focus was creating more and more elaborate silkscreen designs showing beautiful landscapes and whimsical vistas. Rip has such a unique vision of the world that he tries to share with others through his art.

“After Forever”