Evening Ablaze by Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy is an impressionist pastel and oil artist living in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Born and raised in New Jersey, her family often vacationed in rural Pennsylvania and New England.  This is where her interest in art began.  After moving to Pennsylvania in 1993, she was immediately drawn to express her love for the simple beauty of the rolling country landscapes of this area. Linda also enjoys painting floral subjects and farm animals.  In the end, Linda is interested in opening our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us in even the simplist of spaces, if only we take the time to look and take it all in.

“Evening Ablaze”

Evening Ablaze was painted using Sennelier and Terry Ludwig soft pastels on UART 400 Grit Black sanded pastel paper.  Working on black provides a bold contrast in color, while the sanded quality of the paper allows for multiple layers of luminous pastel color.


“Evening Ablaze”

pastel on paper