Rooster by Judith Bodman

Judith Bodman

“What can I say about myself?  So here it goes, I LOVE printmaking, from my very first experience doing a simple woodblock print in college in 1973.  I was hooked from that time on and I went on to get a BFA in printmaking.  I have taken dozens of other courses and workshops over the years to learn all I can about new and innovative techniques in all forms of printmaking, including studying etching in Florence, Italy.  There are so many reasons why I love printmaking, but for me it’s that it is exciting, challenging and so unpredictable! It’s an adventure for me each and every time I start a new project.  I like having rules and techniques and then breaking all the rules, that is the exciting part.  Printmaking has influenced every aspect of how I approach all my art these days.  I’ve really been focusing more and more on my painting for the last few years, but in my heart of hearts, printmaking will always be my first love.  Actually, I think my printmaking has become more “painterly” as time goes on, and the graphic design nature of printmaking has influenced my painting.  I also love to teach printmaking.  It is so much fun to see students getting excited about these wonderful techniques.”