Heartist by Deanna Lamour


I’m Deanna Marie Leiphart Tomlinson Lamour, (aka Deanna Lamour), self taught painter exploring the infinite realm where spirit meets matter. Symbols, colors, emotional/mental energy, and visual storytelling are my descriptive tools. I experience painting as a seafarer sailing out into a vast unknown ocean.

Using oil or acrylic, I paint figurative, abstract, still life, and a mixture of all three. My paintings are a visual diary of my life and the existential human experience. My work has been exhibited and lives in private collections throughout the US & Europe. I’ve been painting for 30+ years since the first little oil painting I made in the East Village, NY; from there I went on painting and never looked back.  Painting has been the primary focus of my life, saving grace, and joy!

“Heartist” was painted during the early 2020 covid quarantine. I made portraits based on photos of my friends and we would share our artwork on facebook; my series included a total of 9 paintings of artists.  This is a portrait of the painter P.D. Murray, Harrisburg PA artist, who paints from his heart. His work is colorful, fun, and festive, while also presenting deep meaning or insight. These are the qualities of his personality and work that I put into this portrait.  I feel this is a very successful portrait because people who know Paul recognize him instantly in this portrait.  Communicating with art through social media was an incredibly important way for me to survive and benefit from the difficult times during covid shutdown.   I’m very grateful for art, it has enriched my life beyond measure.


acrylic painting