Dandelion Dream by Bozena Janiszewski

Bozena Janiszewski

I was born in Poland, from my early childhood I’ve loved to draw, to paint and play with clay. I finished Art high-school and graduated from Educator College. I worked many years with children with behaviors problems and I used art as a part of therapy. I’ve lived in Honesdale for 10 years and I am sharing my free time between paintings and making pottery. Beautiful nature around me is my inspiration.

Dandelion Dreams

Dandelion          I’m part of nature.   I am a very common plant, you can see me everywhere and you have to admit, that I’m making this world more beautiful.  I’m very useful, bees can take my pollen, I am food for animals and medicine for people. But I know that I’m something more than that and one day I will discover my true nature. And you too?

“Dandelion Dream”

oil on canvas