Nova by Alison Warnock

“My name is Alison Warnock. I am a self taught artist located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. My art most often focuses on animal portraits and landscapes, as much of my inspiration is drawn from nature. I enjoy working with all mediums, however my favorites are oil paint and colored pencil. Art, to me, is a great way to honor the beauty in things we see in our everyday lives. Therefore, the goal for my art is often to encourage others to see the world around them in a different and more inspiring light.

“Nova” is an oil painting honoring my cat, Nova. She was welcomed into my home as a kitten, having struggled to live as a stray. I consider myself very lucky to have crossed paths with her and have the opportunity to give her a safe home. This inspired me to create a painting that reflected on the stars that had to align in order to give her a second chance in life. “


oil painting