Banners & Artists

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“A Piece of History”
Deborah Hussung

“After Forever”
Rip Bodman

Diane M Lyons Stout

“Color Play Cardinals”
Sondra Brooks

“Dandelion Dream”
Bozena Janiszewski

“Evening Ablaze”
Linda Murphy

“For You”
Heather Lockwood

“Glass Castles”
Lauren Kuhn

“Green Triangles”
Shaun Walsh & Rachel Sebelist

Deanna Lamour

“Lake Retreat”
Barbara Morcerf

“Local Glass”
George Penyak

“Lucky Earth”
Thomas Colbert

“Moon Over Mountains”
Susan McClellan

Alison Warnock

“Patio Patterns”
Sue Stephan Foster

Judith Bodman

Erica Hart

“Summers Walk”
Colleen Campbell

“Swinging into the Wayne County Fair”
Victoria Sanok

“The Gazebo at the Library”
Claire Shickora

Nancy Palubniak