“HeARTS Alive in Wayne County”

2022 Summer Art Project

.ONLINE Auction of the Hearts

August 24 – September 9

Link to auction =  https://www.biddingowl.com/WayneCountyArtsAlliance

“HeARTS Alive in Wayne County” – 2022 Summer Outdoor Art Project

The Wayne County Arts Alliance presents their Summer Arts Project titled “HeARTS ALIVE in Wayne County”. We want visitors and locals alike to know this is a welcoming community! You will notice, as you travel around the county visiting different businesses, many heart sculptures artistically painted by 51 of our area artists; from middle and high school students to our professional artists.

We would like to thank Weis Markets in being instrumental for the success of this project, with their contribution of umbrella bases which is the foundation for the heart sculptures. Home Depot has provided the lumber that New Wave generously cut into heart shapes. Dirlam Brothers then offered the hardware and primer paint. Followed by 51 artists donating their creative time with area businesses sponsoring each heart sculpture at their location.

The Summer Arts Program is designed to bring the arts to the outdoors for everyone to enjoy. This year the public can enjoy the 50 heart sculptures placed throughout the county with a map at www.waynecountyartsalliance.org indicating each location. It makes a great adventure for families and friends to take the time to visit each spot to view all the wonderfully created pieces.

This year, the artists did an outstanding job transforming their hearts into something distinctive. As you travel around the county you will notice many birds and other wildlife painted on the hearts by Phyllis Chekenian, Kelly Nast, Amy Smith, Bozena Janiszewski, Jess Repa and Jill Carletti. We must have had a hard winter! A clever conceptual piece done by Jay Hostetter is located at Ellis Law firm and many abstract and colorful pieces dot the surroundings. You will have to check out BeKind Bakehouse and enjoy the bees created by Amy Goff! Also, a favorite may be the ode to the Beatles, done by Rebecca Rinella-Hayden being enjoyed at Mick’s Barber Shop. While at Mick’s don’t miss out seeing the rodeo by Jackie Albano happening at The Twisted Rail. And for the motorcycle enthusiasts….go to Dirlam Bros. The messages are all heart felt, fun, and uplifting, another example of just how unique and creative we all are!

Thank you to Home Depot, Weis Market, New Wave and Dirlam Brothers for your support, along with all the businesses who sponsored a sculpture. The Wayne County Arts Alliance would also like to extend a big thank you to all the artists who put their icing on the top! Thanks to all for helping to make HeARTS ALIVE in Wayne County another wonderful event and helping the Wayne County Arts Alliance show everyone what a thriving, creative community we live in!

Enjoy the summer HeARTS!

-Ellen Silberlicht, HeARTS Project Leader

Artist - Ellen Silberlicht

Location & Sponsor - WEIS MARKETS

Artist - Pop-Up Club Cooperage


Sponsor - Jim & Ryanne Jennings

Artist - Pop-Up Club Wallenpaupak

Location - Hawley Senior Center

Sponsor - Gina McKay

Artist - Amy Goff

Location & Sponsor - BE KIND BAKEHOUSE

Artist - Ellen Raines Martin

Location & Sponsor - DUCK HARBOR SHOPS

Artist - Steph Verity

Location & Sponsor - DIME BANK, Honesdale

Artist - Elizabeth Castellano

Location  & Sponsor- STOURBRIDGE BISTRO

Artist - Bozena Janiszewski

Location  & Sponsor- TEETERS FURNITURE

Artist - Phyllis Chekenian


Artist - Andrea Jasmine Schwenk

Location  & Sponsor- VISIBLE CHANGES

Artist - Rebecca Rinella-Hayden

Location  & Sponsor- MICKS BARBER SHOP

Artist - Shannon Thol


Artist - Kristen Knash


Artist - Jess Repa

Location - Carlton Drake Memorial Park, Newfoundland

Sponsor - Newfoundland Rotary

Artist - Debby Pollak

Location  & Sponsor- WCAA Main Street Gallery

Artist - Jay Hostetler

Location  & Sponsor- ELLIS LAW GROUP, Honesdale

Artist - Amy Smith

Location  & Sponsor- ReMAX Wayne, Honesdale

Artist - Honesdale High School Art Studio Students

Location - Honesdale Library

Sponsor - Dorothy S. Wellikson

Artist - Kat Beisel

Location  & Sponsor- Wayne Memorial Hospital

Artist - Jackie Albano

Location  & Sponsor- TWISTED RAIL, Honesdale

Artist - Wayne Highlands Middle School Art Club

Location - Bethany Library

Sponsor - Cori Williamson

Artist - Kathy Higgins Art Students, Honesdale High School

Location - Hawley Library

Sponsor - Lucille Verolla

Artist - Yanni Visci

Location  & Sponsor- A PICKERS FIND

Artist - Paul Sabin

Location  & Sponsor- HAPPY TATTOO, Honesdale

Artist - Kimberly Glodek

Location  & Sponsor- MAUDE AND MAIN, Honesdale

Artist - Amy Goff & Lynn Potter

Location  & Sponsor- Lynn Potter Accupuncture

Artist - Marlee Dirlam

Location & Sponsor - Honesdale National Bank

Artist - Tina Rosinski

Location  & Sponsor- LUKANS FARM

Artist - Lindsay Orlando

Location  & Sponsor- GATHER, Honesdale

Artist - Matt & Sandy Povse

Location  & Sponsor- CREATIVE COMPOUND, Honesdale

Artist - Colette Ballew

Location  & Sponsor- WAYNE BANK

Artist - Cheryl Batcher

Location  & Sponsor- NEW WAVE

Artist - Gayle Asch

Location  & Sponsor- LAUREL'S CAFE, Honesdale

Artist - Signe Ballew

Location  & Sponsor- HAYES MARKET, Waymart

Artist - Ellen Silberlicht

Location - Branko's

Sponsor - June & Wes Shanks

Artist - Lucy & Quinn Deacon

Location & Sponsor - THE OTHER SHOP

Artist - Kathleen Melinkowic

Location - Hamlin Library

Sponsor - Kathleen Melinkowic

Artist - Kim Erickson

Location  & Sponsor- Wayne County Historical Society Museum

Artist - Colleen Ayers

Location  & Sponsor- Dirlam Brothers

Artist - Kelly Nast

Location  & Sponsor- Wallenpaupack Brewing Company

Artist - Lisa Glover & Derek Williams

Location  & Sponsor-

Artist - Renee Dieterich

Location  & Sponsor- APPLE DAY SPA

Artist - Heather Hogan-Spencer

Location  & Sponsor- BAD REPUTATION, Honesdale

Artist - Lauren Rutledge

Location  & Sponsor- MODERN WILLOW SALON

Artist - Jake Martin

Location  & Sponsor- DABBS

Artist - Anne Thumann

Location  & Sponsor- WALLFLOWER

Artist - Mellisa Homer

Location  & Sponsor- KEEN LAKE CAMPGROUNDS

Artist - Jill Carletti

Location  & Sponsor- AM Skier Insurance, Hawley

Artist - Trevor Taylor

Location  & Sponsor- HOME DEPOT

Artist - Ellen Silberlicht

Location  & Sponsor- CHIKADEE STUDIO

Artist - Jane Biron

Location  & Sponsor- NINTH & MAIN, Honesdale