Juan Espino paintings at The Cocoon

TITLE:  “Main Street Moments”
Media: Oil on Canvas
Size:   36” x 24
Depiction:  Downtown activity
On loan from Dick Teeter “Juan Espino Collection”

 “Hawley Vintage Main Street”
paintings by Juan Espino
will be on display at The Cocoon in Hawley, PA
beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Juan H. Espino

. 18428

E-mail: juanesp@ptd.net


“…My style of painting is an attempt to convey to the viewer the way I feel when I depict scenes real or imagined from history, memory or contemporary life the many figures and playful details invite to the viewer a closer look and perhaps share a smile…”

Juan H. Espino captures a “Slice of life” in rural with its present day charm. His paintings noticeably capture a longing to return to the honest simplicity of childhood – streets, landscapes, festivities and especially people – colors of the four seasons in which he paints. Beauty, composition and architecture are always the basic background, emphasizing strongly the naivety of his people and giving the general illusion of innocence.
He says: ‘The reason for me to paint the way I do is that a painting should look joyful in its surrounding, whereby there are always more people present then could reasonably be expected in the situation inviting to a close look of the details and little jokes, so that a smile will show by the spectator.”

He has resided in Wayne County, Pennsylvania since 1988 after relocating from his native country. Impacted by the beauty of the countryside as well as the historic buildings and homes he began to capture this beauty on canvas. Juan’s love of art and history are inextricably intertwined in his life and in his art.

He is a tireless community activist. In his native state of , he founded several cultural organizations dedicated to promote Mexican traditions, dance, music and folk art. He was president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Director of several tourist and cultural events.

Here in Northeast Pennsylvania, he founded the Lake Region Art League, an organization of local artists that for many years had exhibits to benefit several community organizations. Creator of the program “Promote culture through the Chamber of Commerce and Promote the Chamber of Commerce through culture” with seven months of different art exhibits, concerts and theater at the Wayne County Visitor Center.; Director of the 1998 Art exhibit at Dorflinger Cut Glass Museum. Member of the Rotary Club of Hawley since 1994. President in 2002 , Member of the Board of Directors of The Hawley Regional Performing Arts Council since 2002, Coordinator of the art project for children and adults at The Hawley Public Library since 1997.cosponsored by the Hawley Rotary Club and The Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, Monroe County Art Council. Founder of the Annual “Hawley Winterfest” (1999), facilitator of the “Farmers Market” (2006) and founder of the Program “Movies in the Park” (2007) in Hawley, PA. Former member of the Board of Trustees of the Wayne County Historical Society in the State of Pennsylvania and former Chair Person of the Historic Preservation Committee and member of the Board of Directors of The Dorflinger Factory Museum in White Mills, PA.

On October 2009, The Musee International D’Art Naïf de Magog, Quebec, Canada selected him to have the 2010 International Artist Exposition celebrating the 100 anniversary of the departure of Henri Rousseau. (The creator of the Art Naif Style)

On April of 2010 the Hotel Fauchere in Invited him to exhibit the series “Historic Milford, PA” a project he have working for the last 4 years.


Presented the exposition “Une tranche de vie americane” an exhibition of a collection of 20 painting including “Bonjour ! “Old from the Narraguagus”, “Tierra y Libertad”, The Historic Series, Honesdale, and “Bonjour ” is now in the permanent collection of the Museum.

Excerpts of the Opening Ceremony:

…” En parlant de monsieur Espino, laissez-moi vous dire que nous avons étéfascines par ses oeuvres dés que nous avons vu les photos. Vous ne serez pas étonnés d’y retrouver plein couleur et plain de details. Je vous disais plus tôt que l’art naïf permet de connaître la culture et l’historie des peoples. Ceci est partculiérement vrai dans les oeuvres de monsieur Espino et je vous invite â lire les cartons d’explications pour bien comprendre se oevre. Evidement, pour tout comprendre, it faudrait passer une grose emaine avec l’artiste. Hier, au moment du montage, il [renait la peine de nous expliquer le contenu de chaque oevre, de nous nommer les personages et meme les chiens que l’on y retrouve, de sorte qu’on peut dire que l’on connait un peu mieux son coin pays…”

Monsieur Pierre Roy

President of the Board of Directors’

Musée International D’Art Naïf de Magog

“… I would like to thank Mr. Espino lend us a score of his works for the duration of a summer. I actually had a few minutes to look at her paintings and I am impressed by the quality of his work. I particularly like the freshness of his work: moments of simple life in familiar settings that may even recall the architecture and the built heritage of the City of . We must believe that has similarities with our region.
Through this exhibition, the people of Magog and surrounding areas as well as tourists and vacationers who visit our region during the summer period will see closely the work of Mr. Espino and discover another facet of naive art and our 
Museum, unique in its kind. “

Vicky May, Mayor of the City of

“…Une des choises qui me plaisent le plus de l”art naïf est que c’est une catègorie qui permet d’ėtre artiste tout simplement « parce que » pour le simple désir de peindre sans devoir recourìr á des techniques venant d”une formation artistique professionnelle. L’art naïf est un peu irreverent mais il est amusant/ Quand Mme Ginette Lachance m’a dit que Juan H. Espino wat un home qui s’est lance dans la peinture pour détendre, je me suis dit : « C’est ç ace qu’il nous faut. Utiliser l’art de plus en plus pour se détendre»

Je félicite M. Espino pour son art et pour le plaisir que son provoque. Pou étre capable de méler son talent d’origine mesicaine avec l’inspiration que les paysages américains lui donnent et de nous presenter ce mélage au Québec ce soir…”

Lic. Gustavo Morale Cirion, Mexican Consul in .

The Milford Magazine has dedicated few  issues to Juan H. Espino

“…Folk artist Juan H. Espino is more than an eye witness to Historic preservation and streetscape enhancement; he is an advocate for similar efforts within our region’s charming small towns and villages. “We are experiencing dynamic transformation,” he says “our evolution into modern times has a price: the destruction of history.” The people of are fighting to preserve the character of their county seat, says Espino. “We have the honor and encourage them. We can’t always achieve preservation through regulations. We need to show people the precious treasures they have, and use this tool to draw viable businesses and create a strong local economy.

Espino – who serves as Chairperson of the Historic Preservation Committee of The Wayne County Historical Society based in – describes his self-taught style of painting-with a single-plane perspective and child-like innocence- as “Naïve.” “This allows me the freedom to play with the brush and canvas and historical facts surrounding a structure or place.” Say Espino. “I truly enjoy what I do.”…”

Milford Magazine. Jan/Feb 2006

From October 1st to October 31 of 2012 Juan H. Espino received the highest honor from the State Representative of the 139 District Michael Peifer hosting the Exhibit “Art Naïf” at the East Wing Rotunda of the in . The Center piece of this exhibition is “Take the Farmers Out of The Mud” a 36” x 48” oil on board painting of the Capitol Building depicting Gov. Pinchot leaving the building after introduce the bill of the same name in September 17, 1931. The Exhibit has been placed in the records of the State Legislative of the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania.

April 26 to International Exhibit “Crisscrossing Cultures”, Merle Reivich and Juan H. Espino at The Looking Glass Art Gallery.

August 2015, Juan was inducted as a member of The Association of British Naive Artists, ABNA

2015 The Dorflinger Factory Museum, White Mills, PA, commissioned Juan H. Espino to produce two paintings “White Mills Autumn” and “Dorflinger Green Point Brooklyn” to be part of the permanent exhibit.

2017 Governor Tom Colbert purchased “Welcome to Governor’s Mansion”

2019. The Wayne Memorial Hospital Commissioned Juan H. Espino to produce a mural for the Anniversary of the 100 Years of the Hospital. The Mural is at the new section of the hospital in Honesdale, PA.

2019. The MUSEE INTERNATIONAL D’ART NAIF DE MAGOG invited Juan H. Espino to produce a painting related to COVID-19 for a worldwide Virtual exhibit. The painting “ Beacon of Hope”

2019 THE DIME BANK Commissioned Juan H. Espino to produce a painting for the Board of Directors Room at the Corporate Offices in Hawley, PA. The painting was unveiled in 2020.

2021, Exhibit at the Dorflinger Factory Museum, White Mills, PA.

2022. November, Creation of the celebration “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) in the Lobby of the Hawley Silk Mill and Exhibit of Juan’s Mexican Teme art work.

2022, November 2, 2022, June Lettieri and Juan H. Espino presented the Art Exhibit “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) dedicated to give a homage to Frida Kahlo.

2023, The Dorflinger Museum and Wild Life Sanctuary, Wild Flower Music Festival chose “PRELUDE” for the cover of the book let program for the season.

2023, August 6, Camp Oneka. 115 Anniversary of Camp Oneka Ceremony unveiling the historical rendering of the facility

Juan H. Espino paintings are in Museums, Public Institutions, Corporate and Private Collections.