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“MICROCOSM – a little world”

opens at the WCAA Main Street Gallery – August 12

959 Main St. Honesdale PA, upstairs in MISSING PIECES

Opening Reception – friday August 12  6-8pm

Regular hours = Thurs, Fri, Sat  11am-4pm

The pace of our lives is getting faster and faster and connections to people
and places can happen in an instant. Artists attempt to pare down the
enormity of the world – all the noise – to essential moments and try to
respond and communicate in a variety of ways.

In our second exhibit reflecting the Present, titled “MICROCOSM: A Little
World”, opening on August 12th, 2022, we asked WCAA member artists
to consider the “butterfly effect”; small things that have a monumental impact.
This concept is illuminated by a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a
typhoon. Artists were invited to create artwork that celebrates little things in
our world and lives that can become vast and powerful.

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