Tom Biron

Tom and Jane Biron

revel in their enthusiasm for ceramics.  But then, ceramics is not the only passion that they share.  Married for nearly 30 years, they tend to approach all of life with that same gusto.   The couple splits their time between New Jersey and Pennsylvania where each has studios in each location.  They enjoy being “in” nature and derive much of their inspiration from walks in the wild.

Tom’s reverence for wood has brown his vast collection of stumps and limbs to enormous proportions. He has been known to say “You never know what you’ll find or how it can be used as a piece of art or to enhance a ceramic sculpture.”

Bonfires tend to be a priority in their lives.  Bisqued ceramics are often added to the stacks of brush and logs.  Pit-fired vessels emerge cooled as colorful remains.  Every fire is unique and proof is in the photographs and paintings that Jane takes and makes.  So far 2019 has been an exciting year for the Birons.  Not only are they “February’s Featured Artists” on the Wayne County Arts Alliance website and FB page, their work is on display, February 4th through the 28th, at the County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.  And the year has just begun!

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