Tanner Simon

Tanner Simon – Artist Statement

All thoughts and ideas originate from the synthesis and abstraction of our senses—sight, smell, touch, sound, taste—interacting with our environment. However, what we observe in our everyday lives has long been characterized by our culture in the form of language, philosophy, religion, science; we’re predisposed to symbolic thinking and making generalizations.

It is out of appreciation for the mundane that I reject this notion of symbolic thinking in favor of thinking. This is a search for that “animal” state of mind that existed before the “fall of Eden”—to revert back to the simplest form of observation in order to stay as true to nature as possible, and so that each experience is unique. Painting is purely about the process of achieving this state of mind, which is ultimately meditation by means of paint; as a Wiccan does with the Athame, I do with the brush. I do not paint things or people or objects—noses, faces, props, walls, perspective—I paint the synthesis of environmental observations through swatches of color.

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