Sue Mickley

Sue Mickley, Michelet Photography, is an award-winning landscape and Wildlife Photographer in Manchester Township and Florida. Her passion started at a young age because her parents and two uncles loved photography. Her father and his brother were ariel photographers who flew together photographing Eastern Pennsylvania and the shores and Orange Groves of Florida. Sue’s father bowed-out when they crashed for the third time in a field along the Delaware River. Sue’s mother’s brother sold Minolta photography equipment, so the family always had some nice cameras in the house.

The family, who have had their Wayne County property since 1956, always said they were going on a safari whenever they went out into the woods in the old Willy Jeep or the Diamond T truck. Back then the wildlife was pretty scarce as many species had been hunted out. Geese, turkey, bear, and most of the waterfowl were rarely seen. Sue’s dad was really excited when the turkeys were reintroduced, and they would go out on a summer’s day to spot the turkeys. They always seemed to elude them. He would be so thrilled to see how they have thrived and repopulated the fields.

The passion for photography never left Sue but work and family kept her from spending a lot of time and money on it. When Olympus moved into the Lehigh Valley Sue decided to upgrade from her old Minolta and invest in their equipment. That was over 10 years ago, and she has never stopped going on Safaris since.

You can see more of Sue photos on her Viewbug page: