Patricia Blauth

Patricia Blauth

Artist Statement – My work is movement of glass and it’s texture.  When walking through the woods I feel the multi layers within nature.  The roughness, smoothness, brightness, and it’s shadows which enables me to create.

Artist Bio – In 1980 I was stationed at Travis Air Force Base.  During my time there, I took my first stain glass class.  It has been a love affair ever since.  I can spend days just looking and touching glass.  Holding it up to the light to see it’s color.  Seeing it gleam in the darkness.  For twenty years I embraced cutting and piecing the glass together, until I took another class called fused glass.

This class led to buying my first kiln.  My husband gifting me my second kiln.  And that trend continued.  This empowered me to stretch my imagination.  Not only could I cut glass but form it to shape.  I could now layer different glass and watch it react.   I found a community of artists classes and enhanced my passion to experiment.  After working and raising our family for 34 years in Vineland, NJ; I retired to Equinunk, PA.  The first thing I bought was another kiln but much bigger!  In the mountains, lakes and woods of Pennsylvania I have been inspired.

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