Nancy Wells

I have created significant bodies of work as a figurative, abstract expressionist and digital painter; non-traditional doll maker; painter; watercolorist; printmaker; fiber artist; sculptor and photographer. My work has been shown in hundreds of exhibitions in the United States as well as abroad; including a number of one-woman exhibitions and a mini retrospective.

I have always been in love with the process of creativity. As a child I had my own private closet where I made all kinds of concoctions, mixing what ever I could find. I thought I would be a chemist. I loved the mystery of alchemy.

Since I was a child, I have drawn. I find it extremely satisfying, feeling deeply connected to the wind when I work in black and white. Drawing for me is not done in preparation or for creating parameters for color. It has its own intensity, energy and voice.

Around three years ago, I started to work in watercolor again. This time, I dreamed I met Color on the beach. We began a dance together what had no formal rules. This approach has kept the alchemy of making visual art fresh and alive for me. I prefer to work this way. I have a formal background in art and it stretched my awareness in many directions.

My early work was figurative and expressionistic, delving into the world of emotion and human struggle.  I still have that emotion in my work, but it is less specific and expressed in the dynamism of Color and the dance we do together.