Lauryn de Leeuw

Lauryn de Leeuw, is of Dutch nationality and was born in Indonesia. She is now
living in the Delaware Highlands and is a contemporary Abstract Impressionist
Expressionist artist. She works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas. Her
sensuous designs, bold in composition and vibrant in color are influenced by the
likes of de Kooning, Matisse, van Gogh, Chagall and Japanese Edo art.
Her working philosophy is built on the statement: “Art, like Love, cannot be
confined or defined.” Art and love are ethereal and mystical, and when they
become restricted, they lose passion, vibrancy, and personality. Art must be free.
She believes that you can learn from the masters, but when you paint, you must
always be yourself. It is the artist’s self and their experiences that give a painting
its personality, its uniqueness and its attraction.
De Leeuw is known for her style and color. Like de Kooning, she likes to work with
palette knives to mix paint and create an impasto surface. It gives her paintings
dimension. She focuses on color and shape and not being consciously aware of
the subject matter that she is painting. This adds unique form. She lets the colors
and values that she places of the canvas tell a story. De Leeuw’s primary focus has
been to paint the female form, because women always have many stories to tell.
However, since she has been in the Delaware Highlands, she has started painting
wildlife. Animals have their own stories to tell.
De Leeuw is a member of The Art Students League of New York and the Chelsea
Arts Club in London. She spent ten years under the tutelage of Knox Martin. She
has exhibited worldwide and received a number of awards; the most recent being
“Best in Show” at the 2017 COTA Jazz and Arts Festival in the Delaware Water
Gap. Her work is always on show somewhere in Pike County PA, Wayne County
PA, Stroudsburg, and the Delaware Valley.

Tel. (201) 824-0117