Larry Wildenstein

Larry Wildenstein is a native resident of Wayne County who has always been drawn to art. He was voted Most Artistic in his high school class and strives to live up to that title in his adult life. Larry taught himself how to draw at a young age and still loves using mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, acrylic paint, and oil paint. He has also done custom motorcycle painting and, lately, (legal) graffiti art. He always enjoys exploring and learning new techniques.

He has translated his talent for two-dimensional drawing and painting into three-dimensional sculptures. He originally taught himself how to carve with a chainsaw as a hobby. However, now with the creation of his company, Wild Wood Sculptures LLC, this has become his full-time occupation. Larry can be found displaying and demonstrating his craft at local businesses and local events such as Honesdale’s Harvest and Heritage Days and the Wayne County Fair. At his demonstrations, he shows how he transforms a section of a log or old stump into an amazing work of art.

As for his sculptures, Larry enjoys carving almost anything that someone could want. He can create something from his imagination or work from a given photo. His sculptures range from realistic and cartoonish (bears, eagles, owls, wolves, human busts, pet portraits), to fantastical (dragons, direwolves), or anything in between. He always looks forward to new challenges.

Examples of his work can be found at different local businesses in Honesdale, such as a Soaring Eagle at Scarfallato’s or a Perched Owl near Mesko Glass. A ten-foot Sasquatch stands watch at the Iron Hill gas station on Route 6 near Waymart. Look in White Mills, on Charles Street, for the Old Man in the tree, a seven foot tall tree spirit. In Scranton, on Wood Street just off of Keyser Avenue, you can find a six-foot Grizzly Bear near the Boots and Hank’s facility.

Visitors are always welcome at his studio, but please check first as he may be carving at some other location. Larry can be reached through his website or email.