Kat Beisel

Kat Beisel – Artist Statement

As lifelong resident of Wayne county, I am inspired and distracted by the everyday beauty that surrounds me. I feel the artist is always at odds with her compulsion to immerse herself in constant creation.  Heavily influenced by the theory and precision of Ansel Adams, and the enchanting yet foreboding, brilliant color of LaChapelle, I strive to expose every detail and value, as I welcome my viewers into my saturated reality.

For over a decade I have dedicated myself to bringing my passion for the arts to the youth of our community. A Master Art Educator at Wayne Highlands School District, a Golden Educator with the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, and a proud member of the Wayne County Arts Alliance I dedicate myself to the most important artists in our society, our children.
When I allow myself to surrender to my artistic compulsions,
my photography explores the human and natural elements of our historic borough- from the dragonflies that grace our rivers, to the period architecture juxtaposed with the modern street art of our charming downtown. So, I invite you, as the great Frost might say, to take a “late walk” with me as we explore Honesdale through a photographic lens.
Instagram – @prettylittlethings570
For signed prints contact artist directly at kat beisel@gmail.com