Ellen Silberlicht

Raised in Honesdale, PA, Ellen Silberlicht’s love of creativity lead her to The School for American Crafts at The Rochester Institute of Technology for her BFA in Ceramic and Ceramic Sculpture. Immediately after graduating Ellen moved to Israel to begin a series of life adventures. Traveling around the world has given her a stock pile of inspiring experiences, both artistic and life lessons. Clay has always been Ellen’s go to medium and lifelong passion, but her curiosity of other materials fills in where clay can not. Ellen thinks of herself to be a sculptor, figuring out what medium would best fulfill her vision which leads her to working with many different materials. One medium she has always been attracted to has been felt. Having taken workshops throughout the years for her own pleasure it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 when an “interesting sabbatical” occurred where she wasn’t able to work in clay for a time. This created a time to turn to other mediums which married her two favorite materials… clay and felt. “I love the play of the forms and textures and the contrast of materials”, Ellen Silberlicht explains. “The color is a joy to work with, for when working in clay you don’t get to see the actual color until the end of the process.”

Joy and humor seem to be present in Ellen Silberlicht’s work. She finds both to be necessary in her daily living and feels it just can’t help but spill into her artwork. You may see more of Ellen’s work at www.ellensilberlicht.com.