David Soete

David B. Soete

David is a retired senior resource specialist formerly with the Upper Delaware Council (UDC), a non-profit oversight organization responsible for the implementation of the River Management Plan for the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River, a unit of the National park System.  His photos are used regularly by many local, state, regional, and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations, such as the UDC, National Park Service, Delaware River Basin Commission and Delaware Highlands Conservancy.  A native of Honesdale, PA, David has a background in forestry and natural resources and prefers photographing nature and wildlife, often in his own backyard.  “I have always loved nature, so I guess it’s only natural to want to capture it in photos,” says David.  “Photographing birds is probably my favorite.  Bald eagles and male wood ducks are awesome, but birds at my backyard feeder are much easier to photograph.”

David can be reached by email  dbs1@ptd.net