Buff McAllister

Buff McAllister

Buff creates abstract fabric wall hangings, with bold designs and rich color.  Her themes are universal: communications and relationships; meaning in life; the beauty and fragility of our planet; the rich diversity of all the life sharing our world.

From a long line of artistic people, Buff picked up sewing early and majored in textiles and clothing in college; later she added other fiber arts, including weaving.  She gradually evolved into art quilting, using both sewing and weaving arts. Recently she has branched out into beaded necklaces, enjoying the play of color and shape in a smaller art object.

Her work is owned by many private collectors and has been shown at many venues, including a prestigious show at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC. in 2016, and shows sponsored by the Pocono Arts Council, where she won the Juror’s Choice Award in 2017 and the Two-Dimensional Award in 2018.

Other activities include: having a child’s first sewing book published by Boyds Mills Press (“Highlights for Children”); winning prizes in weaving competitions; and creating fiber posters for auctions to benefit a local arts group. She has an active law practice in Liberty, NY.

For a more detailed bio, see Buff’s website, https://www.BuffMacFiberDesigns.com

Buff McAllister

PO Box 261

Liberty, NY 12754