Bozena Janiszewski

I was born in Poland.  From early childhood  I liked  to observe nature and to draw and paint it.  I studied art in Art High School. I have gotten my bachelor degree in teaching.  I worked for twenty five years with elementary school children and high school youths as  art teacher, and I loved it.  A few of my students  graduated  Art College.  I worked few years as a youth counselor.

Art is very important  in my mind and my life, but mainly because  I admired  incredible beauty  of God’s creation around me.  In my art I focus attention on the show of light, shadows and colors, mutual relations of simple objects like flowers and small creatures which are composed in shape and color.  I use oil painting, this classic technique allows me to show and stop in time beauty and  magic of one special moment which passes and disappears with changing light.  I express myself not only with paint but with clay.  I craft pottery  and decorate it  with floral and animal elements, but in the native style.  I like not only painting, but philosophy, history, traveling and gardening.  I have lived in Honesdale PA for four years.                           -Bozena Janiszewski