Tiffany H Nebzydoski

What am I doing?

I am best known for my affordable handmade jewelry, but my real passion lies in illustrating. I create small, intricate, detailed mini drawings of cartoon-like critters, settings and objects. My subject matter includes cute animals, silly skeleton characters that I call Skeletals, geometric still-life, the paranormal, nature and the like.

I also have a passion for 3-D art and using found objects from antique shops, craft stores and nature itself. My fav is my handmade twig stars. Sculpey clay and paper clay is another art form I’ve dabbled in from time to time. I love sculpting mini foods from polymer clay, which I have been doing that since I was a child.

How am I doing it?

My number one most important tool is my mind. I have the ability to see potential in objects that others may see as junk or useless.  I can be quite the garbage-picker. Haha. My number one physical tool is my 01 or 005 Micron pen. I wouldn’t be able to draw those teeny tiny doodles. I go through many Micron pens drying up on me from overuse.

Why am I doing it?

I do what I do because it is an obsession. It’s a craving, a yearning, to create, assemble, and build something aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The process is satisfying and the end result is enjoyable. I keep my costs down so that all walks of life can afford it. Whether it be a Skeletal drawing, polymer clay BLT, twig star or upcycled 3-D art, I want everyone to enjoy it, not just the well-off. Art is NOT to be seen as “above” certain classes of people. I have seen credit card size paintings of simple objects with a $200 price tag. How is anyone supposed to enjoy that?

What do I want others to understand about my art?

I like to put a goofy spin on subject matter that many would consider taboo or unfavorable. The doodles I create are exactly that. Skeletons can be funny non-threatening and light-hearted.  Monster creatures can be your buddy, too. Open your mind and see that not all things are as they seem. Like I said above, the price tag won’t intimidate anyone.

What inspires me?

I am inspired by MANY things: nature, Edward Gorey, John Kenn Mortensen, various random cartoonists, Pinterest, my cats, Etsy…

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