At D.J. Harvey Agency
815 Main St. Honesdale PA
8:30am – 4:30pm M-F


At Bodhi Tree
214 6th St. Ste B   Honesdale PA
6:30pm - 8:30pm on Mon. Tues. Wed.
Check Bodhi Tree website for other hours

Galleries also during First Friday Art Walk  4pm – 8pm

First Friday Art Walk

PAROS Gallery


Featuring a selection of the mask and costume collection of Christopher Peroni

Showing 2/7/2020 thru 4/8/2020

ANAFI Gallery


featuring selections from the mask and costume collection of Christopher Peroni

Showing 2/7/2020 thru 4/8/2020


Why Halloween masks in February? Because it just feels right! If they can do Christmas in July, we can break up the boredom of winter and indulge our eyes in the colorful character faces that are also reminiscent of Mardi-Gras revelers.

Presented in both galleries are a portion of my mask and costume collection, typically American store-bought, vacu-formed masks, circa 1940's-1980's.  Some faces are recognizable and bring back fond memories.  Others are only vaguely familiar, almost as if from a deja-vu or primal dream.  But all have influenced us.  We hid behind these masks as children and adults, transformed from our ordinary selves into figures of popular culture and myth, allowing us to escape societal constraints.  From Mardi-Gras to Halloween, costumes and masks have become a familiar part of our traditions.  Steeped in religious holiday celebrations and ritual, even ancient and contemporary rites of "courting", the masks and their colors have changed as often as our tastes.  Just looking at each face, with their vacant eyes staring back, one wonders which one we'll choose - and which one will choose us.

Christopher Peroni hails from Pottstown, PA and received his BFA in Film from the University of The Arts, Philadelphia.  He then moved to New York City to pursue a career in Film, working as a Set Decorator on numerous independent films and writing for film.  Christopher has written  screenplays, has given talks on his favorite subjects: Halloween (the Holiday) and Horror Films of the past decade.  He is sole proprietor of The Old Sandhouse Antiques and Uniques in White Mills and resides in Bethany with his husband David Hamill.