At D.J. Harvey Agency
815 Main St. Honesdale PA
8:30am – 4:30pm M-F


At Bodhi Tree
214 6th St. Ste B   Honesdale PA
6:30pm – 8:30pm on Mon. Tues. Wed.
Check Bodhi Tree website for other hours

Galleries also open Second Saturdays 6pm – 9pm

Second Saturday Honesdale

PAROS Gallery


Featuring the art of /// \/ (aka Michael Visci)
Showing 7/13/2019 thru 9/2019

/// \/ (em-vee) is the pseudonym used by NEPA artist and musician Michael Visco.  /// \/’s paintings are typically abstract in nature, and attempt to capture the familiar scenes in the world around us as well as the worlds within.  /// \/ usually has “a vague idea of what he is trying to convey when starting a piece, but oftentimes the meaning of something may evolve over the course of several years after it has been completed.  “Personally, I think it really adds a lot to the piece itself.  You have it hanging on your wall for an extended period of time and all the while you’re thinking of a particular interpretation, but one day you glance at it and see something in it you didn’t notice before.  That’s probably why I like painting abstract things so much: the meaning changes as you change.  People seeing it for the first time see other things that you didn’t realize were there. Its a great way to learn about yourself and the world around you.” /// \/ currently resides in Wayne County Pennsylvania.

ANAFI Gallery


Featuring the art of Mark Aubrey

Showing 07/13/2019 thru 9/2019

Mark Aubrey works on metal and paper. Born in Bracknell, England, and raised in Coconut Creek, Florida, Mark later moved to Queens, New York, and a new-found interest in photography blossomed. Mark is a self-taught photographer, picking up a camera was the easy part, teaching himself the ins and outs of the camera was the tricky part.

Some of the first photos Mark captured were of family and the city scene in Manhattan, NY.

Mark takes great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of people and subjects. He captures life as unseen and turns it into a focal point of discussion. His passion for photography dazzles audiences with his very distinctive telltale styling.

Mark truly loves being a photographer and enjoys pulling out visual thought through his works. He uses the camera to unearth hidden stories through the beauty and gritty depth of the urban and bucolic settings of Wayne County, Upstate New York, and Manhattan.

Mark Aubrey currently resides in the town of Damascus, PA, with his wife (Leanne Cuiffo) and his son (Logan Aubrey), where he continues his passion for capturing the unseen through photography.


Calling All

Sketchers, doodlers, scrawlers, scribblers, and anyone else who draws!

We’re gearing up for the making of an all NEW Sketchbook Parti book for the year 2020.


The Sketchbook Parti celebrates our members and is just a small glimpse into the creative and talenter people in the WCAA.

NOW through September 30th, stop by the Official Sketchbook Parti Headquarters to SIGN UP and GET your official sketchbook Parti Board Blank.

Natural Wood Frames

1875 Fair Ave  Honesdale  PA  18431

Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-6pm

Everyone can participate but ONLY 42 WCAA members will be printed in the 2020 book selected by jury.  Registration is a $10 fee per board.

Deadline for all sketches is October 1, 2019

Sketchbook Parti questions – Dave Justice –