At D.J. Harvey Agency
815 Main St. Honesdale PA
8:30am – 4:30pm M-F


At Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co.
520 Main St. Honesdale PA
7am – 8pm    7 Days


At Bodhi Tree
214 6th St. Ste B   Honesdale PA
6:30pm – 8:30pm on Wed.
Check Bodhi Tree website for other hours

Galleries also open Second Saturdays 6pm – 9pm
October 13,  November 10,  December 8

Second Saturday Honesdale

PAROS Gallery


Featuring the poster art of Canaltown’s annual Short Spooky Movie Festival aka (Spookyfest)
Showing 10/13/2018 thru 12/2018

Canaltown has been producing Spooky-fest, an international, locally focused movie festival in Honesdale, every year since 2014. This year (October 2018) marks the fifth year of the festival and the third year in which local artists create their own take on the festival poster. Instead of a single, large print run of a single poster design, several, smaller print runs are made of each poster design to celebrate Spookyfest and highlight individual poster artists.  One of Canaltown’s goals has always been to support creations birthed from the local landscape.  Realizing not everyone wanted to make a movie led to opening up an alternative channel for creative contributions. Spookyfest poster submissions became that channel in 2016. This retrospective showing features over two dozen of the poster designs, from every Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival.

ANAFI Gallery


Featuring the art of TEN PAGES
Showing 10/13/2018 thru 12/2018

TEN PAGES will display the unique and varied art of ten artists from Sullivan and Wayne counties. Below are the verbal expressions of these artists about their work.

ROBYN ALMQUIST – mixed-media, linocut block prints “This work represents my human relationship with birds domestic and urban wild.”   LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY

EVA DRIXHAL – mixed media acrylic painting on masonite “My large scale panels drawn in pen and ink express the processes of transformation and evolution in nature.”  CALLICOON, NY

ELIZABETH ENNIS – Paper collage, short films  “My films are about first finding the images and letting them take me away to wherever they want to go.”  ROSCOE, NY

PAULINE GLYKOKOKALOS – cast images inspired by nature  “Functional art is my thing, the possibilities being endless…”  HONESDALE, PA

ERICA HART – altered papers, laser prints, wood, plaster, acrylic on canvas  “My work combines collage and assemblage with painting: this blending of different media enhances the visual mystery I strive to express.”  HANKINS, NY

THASOS Gallery


Featuring the art of TEN PAGES
Showing 10/13/2018 thru 12/2018

TEN PAGES (continued)

JOANNA HARTELL – digital photo collage  “My grid compilations are built from an idea and an experience then filtered by form and measurement.” LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY

ALEXIS SIROC – mixed media drawings, acrylic paintings  “The full moon is my muse, it calls to me, come dance in the quiet of my light.”  CALLICOON, NY

MARTIN SPRINGHETTI – glass painting/wood, serigraph, metal/plastic sculpture  “How you see and what you think you see creates perception. My Art is about perception.”  DAMASCUS, PA

NAOMI TEPPICH – Ceramic three-dimensional and wall sculpture  “My coral-like ceramic wall sculptures and 3D pieces are expressions of my human earth/sea connection.”  DAMASCUS, PA

NANCY WELLS – Original charcoal drawings and prints  “These two charcoal drawings are expressions of my spiritual and inner connections to life and nature.”  DAMASCUS, PA