The Art-a-Pelago Mission:

Provide an economical gallery program for the WCAA in locations where the businesses help provide access to the Arts and the Art enhances the businesses.

one gallery; three locations



At D.J. Harvey Agency
815 Main St. Honesdale PA
8:30am – 4:30pm M-F


At Black & Brass Coffee
520 Main St. Honesdale PA
7am – 6pm 7 Days


At Loose Leaf Pages
627 Main St. Honesdale PA
12noon – 8pm Thurs-Sun

Galleries also open Second Saturdays 6pm – 9pm
Feb 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10,
July 8, Aug 12, Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9

PAROS Gallery

Artwork by Mitzi Kielar
Opening September 9, 2017

I come from a family of artists and photographers, including my grandfather who had a photographic studio at the beginning of the 20th century.  My education at Penn State led to 35 years of teaching art photography, pottery. crafts, and computer graphics.  Most of those years I taught at Honesdale High School, where my husband Jerry also taught.  I was also involved in many theater productions that he directed and for which I designed and built sets.

It’s always been gratifying to talk, and Facebook, with former students and to see how they have used art in their lives.

My style of photography tends towards the abstract, but I also like to celebrate the beauty of nature, especially of Wayne County.  I have been lucky enough to travel and have preserved my memories of Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, Ireland, England and Alaska in hundreds, or could I say, thousands of photos and not one “selfie”.


LESVOS Gallery

Artwork by Dave Justice
Opening September 9, 2017

With a name like Dave Justice, you are either destined to be a great baseball player or a crime-fighting vigilante.  Sadly, Dave is neither, though he does have the uncanny superpower of filling napkins, Post-its, and notepads with glyphs and designs that sparkle with glimmers of madness.  Thanks to the early encouragement and training of his HHS teachers, Scott Blowers and Mitzi Kielar, Dave recovered from disappointment and pursued a career int he arts.  He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Visual Communications, then quickly jumped into the world of book and magazine publishing.  He now has nearly twenty years of experience in print production and has had a hand in many projects in the Wayne County Community.

Dave credits his friend and fellow fisherman Yanni Glykokokalos as the inspiration for this show.  Yanni stessed to him that he needed to make more art and that 2017 was the year to do it.  So Dave took up the challenge.  He started by exploring six concepts a night in his sketchbook, expanding on one, then finally selecting a single piece each week to do a higher color rendering of.  This high-resolution collection was brought about by a New Year’s resolution, a brand-new twenty-sheet pad of Bristol some Dr. Martin inks, and a self-imposed daily deadline. The collection and show would not have come about if it weren’t for the loving encouragement of Pauline Glykokokalos, to whom he extends his limitless thanks and gratitude.

THASOS Gallery

Artwork by Alan Wood
Opening September 9, 2017

Alan Wood

Born: Northern California

Currently Wayne County, Pennsylvannia

BA Art History Lake Forest College.  Lake Forest, Illinois

California College Arts & Crafts, Oakland, California

10 years Graphic Designer/ Taylor & Nig/ San Francisco

20 years Freelance Graphic Painter and Illustrator

WCAA Art Studio Tours thrice.

DVAA Art in 6’s Four Times

Riverfest Contributions Three times

DVAA Group Show 2014

DVAA Solo Exhibition 2015


Terrace Street Studio 2017

Willow River Gallery Solo and Group Shows 2008 – 2012

Currently up:

Lee Hartwell Antiques, Callicoon.

Yoga International, Honesdale

Now Here !!!

I’m an oil painter/ on canvas wood and paper.  Size from 2″ Square to 4’x8′

Basically I paint (and pencil draw) Natural ‘scenics’ or details of Nature, Aura, Innuendo and atmosphere rather than absolutist realism.

Inspiration?  Where we live!

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